Who We Are

First Town Hall Meeting at Geeky Teas and Games

First Town Hall Meeting at Geeky Teas and Games

We are a community-led, grassroots effort working to raise awareness through social media and public meetings in a push for City of Burbank policy and legislation that will help protect the character of the neighborhood and the small businesses that call Magnolia Park home. We wish to find solutions that will benefit as many people as possible affected by the following issues in Magnolia Park:


The small Mom and Pop shops that make Magnolia Park so unique are being forced out by extreme rent increases. Some property owners and/or property management companies have recognized that Magnolia Park has become a very desirable area and they see the potential to greatly increase their income by raising rents – sometimes in the thousands of dollars a month. Unfortunately, even though these small businesses are thriving, they simply cannot afford the drastic rent hikes so they must either move or close their doors entirely. These property owners and/or property management companies may not understand the ramifications of their actions; we want to educate them and work together to come to a mutually beneficial solution with the help of the City of Burbank.


If we lose the Mom and Pop shops, we lose the small town feel we love, the community vibe we nurture, the uniqueness that is Magnolia Park. We want to work with the City of Burbank to create a Historical District or special zoning that will be beneficial to the local merchants, possibly create tax breaks for local property owners, and maintain the small-town feel of our neighborhood. 


If we lose the Mom and Pop shops, we risk permanently losing “Ladies and Gents Night Out” and “Holiday In The Park” by 2019 - two popular events that are a huge draw for our community and helps these small businesses prosper. They are organized and mainly funded by the Magnolia Park Merchants Association (MPMA). If these businesses go, the MPMA goes. If the MPMA goes, the events go. It is a domino effect and we are very close to tumbling over. We want to work with the Mom and Pop shops, the local residents, and the MPMA to ensure these popular events continue.


With the popularity of the distric, the streets of Magnolia Park are no longer able to accommodate the parking required. Over the past few years parking has become a big issue for both the merchants and residents of Magnolia Park. The next step the City of Burbank wants to propose is metered parking, taking away the ability for visitors to park freely and for a longer period of time. This would result in less time spent shopping and dining on Magnolia Boulevard, and more traffic and parking in the adjacent residential neighborhoods. We want to work with the City of Burbank to address this long-standing issue, find quick solutions now in the form of public/private partnerships but also plan to put in place permanent solutions for the future.