JULY 9, 2018

Thank you for signing up to help Save Magnolia Park at the Town Hall! We started as a mere handful of people and now, over a hundred people have signed up to volunteer. This is magnificent!

In less than a month, our Facebook page has received incredible metrics with a very active community of over 4,700 followers and likes. Our page has reached over 800,000 people with our video capturing 365,600 views.

#PLEASESHARE – Your shares and likes push our message out, and because of helpful people like you, we have been featured on CBS Los Angeles, LA Weekly, the LA Times Burbank Leader, Los Angeles Magazine, and MyBurbank News.

#ICYMI - At our Town Hall Meeting, we had over 200 people in attendance and created six Community Working Groups to help Save Magnolia Park! These groups were formed to research the following topics to see if they’re viable routes to save the integrity of our beloved pocket of Burbank. If there are other topics we should be researching, please contact us and we will create a group!

Our current groups:

  • Broaden Ownership
  • Reduce the Power Imbalance in Landlord-Tenant Negotiations
  • Zone for a Local Business Environment
  • Set Aside Space for Local Businesses in New Development
  • Create a Preference for Local Businesses in Publicly Owned Buildings
  • Recognize Businesses as Cultural Landmarks


  • July 10 – August 12: Community Research Groups will work together to learn, discuss, and determine the viability of their subjects. A follow-up email will be sent out with info on how to contact your teammates and start researching your topics.
  • August 13: Town Hall Meeting 2 – location TBD. We meet in one month to discuss updates, the findings by each Community Research Group, and next steps including submission to City Council and appropriate City of Burbank Departments
  • August 18: Submit Action Plans to City Council via email and official channels
  • August 21: Attend City Council Meeting to listen to the report on the Economic Development Strategic Plan and speak during the public forum to support Save Magnolia Park Action Plans

Are You a Team Leader? We Need YOU!
Most importantly, we need people who are passionate about Save Magnolia Park and are great at being a team leader. We need someone who can lead without exclusion and who understands the importance of great teamwork. If you have managed projects or lead teams, we really need your help to not just Save Magnolia Park, but to save the livelihood of the business owners within it.

If this is you, please send an e-mail to SaveMagPark@gmail.com or reach out to us on Facebook! Share our message
with #SaveMagnoliaPark

Again, thank you so much for your enthusiasm, drive, and commitment. Now let’s Save Magnolia Park.

All the Best,
Ashley – Donna – Jamie