How Can You Help?


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Step away from the keyboard and #ShopMagnoliaPark. Check out a shop you’ve never been in before. You’ll be surprised at the treasures you’ll find - and you’ll be supporting your local community.


2. Sign the Petition

In the spirit of the General Plan that was adopted by the City of Burbank in 1998 and the Burbank2035 General Plan adopted in 2013, we ask that the Burbank City Council quickly implement Magnolia Park be designated as a Historic District, ensuring that any further development must meet strict guidelines that maintain the character and charm of the neighborhood, and to create sufficient, conveniently located parking facilities with the goal of establishing a convenient multiple-destination shopping district as originally intended.


3. Volunteer

This is a grassroots effort created by local neighbors, friends, and small business owners who thought “Someone really needs to do something before we turn into Melrose” and realized that WE had to become that someone. We don’t have the answers, but the one thing we know is we can’t do it alone! We need your help to reach out, organize, research, and come up with common sense solutions that benefit our neighborhood. It really is a group effort that takes time and dedication, but Magnolia Park is worth it. Contact us by email, reach out on Facebook, and tell us how you want to help #SaveMagnoliaPark



Let the Burbank City Council know just how much Magnolia Park means to you. We’ve shed light on the subject and they want to help. However, the more people who contact them the greater their understanding will be that residents, taxpayers, and voters are paying attention and there really is no time to lose. Write emails to the City Council members. Attend Burbank City Council meetings and speak up on behalf of #SaveMagnoliaPark.


We live in the Media Capital of the World, a neighborhood filled with writers, artists, and filmmakers. Use those skills to create videos, write essays, take photos, and post Instagram stories about why you love Magnolia Park and tag with #SaveMagnoliaPark. We may share it on our sites, too!



Talk about what’s happening to Magnolia Park. Share this information in-person and online in all social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) using #SaveMagnoliaPark #ShopMagnoliaPark and tag your favorite shops. Get your friends, family, and neighbors involved. Help us spread the word!



The Magnolia Park Merchants Association (MPMA) is non-profit organization that holds the popular “Ladies and Gents night Out” the last Friday of every month and the annual “Holiday In The Park”. These events are expensive, and the MPMA is severely underfunded. You can help keep these events going by either making a donation to the MPMA, Adopt-A-Shop and pay a Magnolia Park shop’s annual dues to the MPMA, or donating directly to the “Holiday In The Park” fund in the links below: